Monday, September 18, 2006

A New Smell Phone

I have a new cell phone#
it is
Learn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and if your a solictor......I hope you get the flu!!!!(I hope you die, just sounds a little to strong)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A thought..... for those wanting to get me something

If I had a puppy , it would be RAD...........literally it would be named Rad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Organizing sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Late Night ramblings

Well I can't sleep, and haven't been sleeping to well....a lot of change going on. I still feel so unfamiliar with Boulder, some days I love, other days I hate it. I think I am starting to miss MNPLS, but when I was there I was missing riding in the mountains......"The Grass is always greener" (quote FromDoom)oh well only time will tell.
Anyway I still haven't unpacked all my bike/shop/ parts inventory yet. I have a Croscheck frame sitting in the boxing just screaming to get out and ride some cross. I pulled most of the parts out of the boxes tonight and will hopefully be able to build it tomorrow. Single with moustache bars!!!!!!!!!
I finally put a chain back on my fixie, and rode it into work today. On the ride in I cranked the pocket jukebox (old school Metallica "ride the Lightning" ) and felt great so I rode hard. I passed a guy in full team gear on a Serotta....
I said "good morning"
He said " (nothing, but looked at me and then turned away)"
I said " well, fine then have a bad day" (with my charming smile on my face"
Then I took off....fucking snobby roadie...To good to say hi to Luby....

I caught up to another dude on a road bike in full Lycra...
"Good Morning" I said
"Morning, how's it going" he said
"Rad" I said
"cool" he said
" Have a good Day" I said
roadie # 2 was a nice guy....I won't derby him next time
speaking of derbies I through a Wed. Night ride last week... A little different then what I am used to but fun. W ederbied a lot, and I even ate a pickled egg at a Bar

As for the Job goes.... Still getting a feel for it. I feel like I am gambling with it. I could go no where with it... or The company could really take off and I will have my feet in the door when it happens. With it being a smaller Bike Company, I am busting my ass, and will hopefully see a reward......The Owner of the Company is kind of a legend, for starting up one of the biggest suspension comanies out there. He has been hanging around the shop lately and I have been able to talk to him more, he's pretty rad, likes to ride and design stuff, but hates being the spot light...I dig that
Any way this has to be one of my longest blogs...I should try to sleep, I have to rebuild the suspension on my bike for a ride tomorrow and an all day ride on Sun.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Short update

My tree Hugger work stand.......for fixing all the Pinch Flats i have been getting

A ride I did .........

We started that day out with some trail work with the local MTB Club then Ariel and Abby and I rode home.....from 10,000 feet