Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sat. Morning ride

This Film was shot running 32X18!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

FrostBike MNPLS '07

Last weekend was frostbike at QBP in mnpls, I showed representing Maverick, I came with my game face, ready to wrestle and a bottle of tequila!. Anyway the show was fine same ole, same ole bike stuff. The coolest thing was seeing everyone. B rose had is own Australian, my pals from the old shop in cloud town had there own employees, and Hurlio had a beard. Anyway Sat night was pug races, I didn't race, but I sure did wrestle....lost my earing while wrestling with swervy. The next morning thought "what the hell, I better go look for it" so I went out to the cold icy snow covered lake, and looked around, found it with in a minute, damn I'm lucky.

anyway thats all I feel like writing, here are a few pics, and one of the juicy Lucy that I ever so love. It was rad seeing ya'll

Sunday, February 11, 2007

More Big News!!!!

Yep more big News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off check out the ring Al(our head engineer at Mav.) and I designed and made today, we found a chunk of Ti and wanted to see what we could come up with, Alison is wearing this in place of the O-ring for now.

Any way the Big News is that I am Cloning myself, using Alison's Belly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes She is Pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!! a sweet surprise to both of us, but "Luby's derby Squad" is beginning. My child an Speed Buggy's kid will Dual. I am already thinking about a custom trike built by me. But all I can say is I am freaked out, I want to be HIP and Groovy to the kid. But I have a good icon to look up too, my DAD ; he taught me how to do do burn outs in the garage and ride a wheelie.

now it's my Turn



Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I did it!!!!!!!!

Yep, I did it, the one thing that everyone's been waiting for...

I proposed to Alison....The Cool thing is I don't have a ring yet, so I improvised using an O-ring from a fork.

She still said Yes, so she's uber Rad in my book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Morning

Well it is finally starting to warm up here. I went for a ride this morning up to Lee hell Rd. Started a t Mav HQ, for 2 reasons, one being that my 1X1 was there, and Two we have an espresso Machine there...

After doing some Brake work on my bike, I headed out. I started on the bike path and made my way through city streets I have never been on before and then finally hit Lee hell. As I started my way up my legs started to burn, a lot earlier than last time. So I smiled and thought to myself "what would Henry Rollins do" we all know the answer, I kept going, I made it up to the point I wanted to, even though it was slow going and I wanted to Vomit, I was happy!
On the way down I snapped a photo, Got Passed by 2 roadies who looked at me Funny. Then at the bottom saw who I think was Nick Martin from trek and some other dude, any way they said"hi" going the opposite they're cool in my book.
B.I.L. How was your ride.....sounds like it's below Zero in MNPLS

Saturday, February 03, 2007


I have tig welded steel in the Past when I went to frame building skool a few years ago. Big Country Fired up the welder at mav HQ, and let me weld a little. Yeah I need more Practice, but after getting the OK to use the welder, I found out it was out of argon.......Damn this sucks.....

Big Country said that he has a welder in his Garage, and we can use that. So We cut a couple of small pieces of Aluminium and headed out. I welded Aluminium for the first time. It was amazing at how much cleaner it is to weld than steel. Then we broke out the Mig Welder, that was cool, but I think I might Concentrate on Tigging. Anyway the Following photo makes a good Sat. Night.