Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Stache Bash.....and other News

Well I did it, I went and got a moustache.....

Damn Scary

The Moustache Ride was awsome, a lot of people showed up regardless of the rain, good times were had by all. My bike didn't have to good of a time though, during the obstacle course I got flat...did that stop this mustached rider... Know I rode it out, and had to skid at the finish. My rim sustained a little bit of pavement wear, but nothing a file and some other tools from Peacock Groove bikes (http://www.peacockgroove.com/) couldn't fix. At the end of the night I was riding home and needed some food, so I hit my favorite burrito shop. I showed up right at closing (which they have served me before at that time), There was a cop there, I walked in and man he must not of like my moustache, he was a total Chauch to me. I thought there job was to protect and serve, so far they haven't protected me much(Portland Ave. Incident). So I opened mouth a little, then walked away, well the temper got the best of me and I went back and said some stuff I most likely shouldn't have. But I didn't get thrown in the clink.

.......And in other news.......
The Stache Bash was my official Last night of drinking for along time. I am only bringing this up because those of you who know me may be asking why, well it's just time to do it is all. Some of the Critics say......"but what will happen to Luby?" absolutely nothing, I just won't be drinking alcohol, I 'm not going to stop going out with people or drop out of the scene. I will be there just as I always was, just not stumbling so much. So y'all better watch out come next derby....
This wheelies for you...... Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 23, 2006

oh yeah this was the day I tought my nephew Dave to derby......"uncle mike I 'm gonna derby you" Posted by Picasa


Well trying to get ready for that race, may sound geeky, but I am out there to have fun, but may show a few people up. Not sure on what to ride....the .243 or the KONA, I have more money in the Kona and should show it some love, but but the .243 is "the .243" Well either way it's kind of difficult decideing, I just threw some Hope brakes on the Kona....the bike is Rad... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The end of the bender...

Well it's sat. Night, just got home from Joes. a nice little semi-formal dinner party....with galactic pizza...it was actually super fun, he went to Taiwan for the first Time for work, with greyboy, showed us some photos...Totally rad. I uni'ed the surly Uni over there it took me 40 min. to get there(4+miles) holy shit was that tough to do, but I am proud to say I rode at least 90% of the way. I came to an intersection where I needed some people to move every one move when I politely said exscume(my parents brought me up right) except one guy, I had to bail on the Uni, almost took out his shins with the pedals...."thanks for moving asshole"...came out of my mouth. he did not reply. Wow it must feel like shit to get called an asshole by a circus freak. he he he he heh e......anyway great dinner party lots of fun stories were told......I guess BraurPower has a pic of me from My first snowaballs...and Doom and I are always referred to as the ST.CLOUD CREW...Doom should take credit for putting Cloud on the Map

Friday, January 20, 2006

holy..juicey lucey.....

I had 2 juicey's from matt"s, the bill is on me.... we had a great conversaion on todays politics.......other that that I did the wed. nite, rode last night we set the set the course for snowballs..... watch out, and step up!!!!!!!
me and BG had a great time at the CC club. CHeers to that. I am tired I need sleeep.......

holy shit it's only 12:45........I am going to go ride to burn off some steam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GRRRRRRRRRRR

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

what is going on????

what is going on with people?????? today I get to work, see an e-mnail showing that Sov(evil Sov, Surly Sov, snowballs chance in hell promoter) is running late.....
The reason being that he was hit by a car, found out he was all right, just a really sore ass. Wow that sucks, but it gets worse. He said a driver got way to close especially when the driver had 2 lanes to choose from, Sov flicked him off( even though he was wearing a mitten), the guy stopped, Sov rolled by, they exchanged a few words, Sov pulls away, next thing he knows is hearing a reving engine......
The asshole delibritly hit him, wrecked his wheel, luckily Sov only recieved a Sore ass. He wasn't able to get the plates.....
How fucking screwed up can you be to actually try to run someone over. I have been in a number of fights, and have literally hated people, would I run them over with a car.......no....... It really sucks this stuff has to happen, I hope karma gets the guy.
keep riding people, be safe.

Monday, January 16, 2006

More skyride info

wow only 4 min.?

All right here is some info I am not to happy about:
"The course is a closed course, spectators will be allowed at the finish line only. Only media, course officials, and riders will be on the course."
Adam Buck posted on the morc website

Ah, shucks wally,
I thought this would be the big event, I was even thinking of trying to do a trick over the jump box.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Miss me?

holy fuck cakes, I have been pretty busy lately, but in that I feel like I have a lot going on, but get nothing done sort of way. Anyway, here's what new, I tore apart a manishit fork today, ya know the ones that let people"grease" them with ports, holy shit this guy had a least a tube of park grease in each leg, and of course the parts washer is broken, damn if I could only hire a midget.
I haven't been riding much, one would think a car-less guy would ride a lot more, well thats what I thought....looking into getting a vehicle now, but apparently the banks don't like me..........fucking suits.
tomarrow is friday, going to Lee's going away party, I met him in Vegas and he moved here for a girl fram texas, now he thinks it time to go, I wish him the best, we have had some fun times(nothing like cloud town).
My agenda for the next week is:
go on a date (yep, I am on the market again)
ride a shit load
Giver to the liver
Train for this:
Event name: Red Bull Skyride
When: Feb. 8th
Who: 50 invited riders from area
Where: Skyway System of DT St. Paul, on a course that measures out to 4000'+, 5+ skyway sections, 20+ door ways, and many a janky turns
it will be fun, sounds like a lot of spectators, hint hint hint cloud.
other than that not much new,

oh and yeah I haven't shaven for awhile getting prepared for the stachebash

oh yeah here are a few homie pics from the One on One site
here ar us after I won the hare and Hound race