Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bike Stuff

Well tis the season, to get fat and think about next bike season!!! hmmm moto or mountain?

Anyway I sold my old ML8 and am planning on building up a new ML8 over the next couple of weeks , hoping to build it up all nice like, ya know. I have never been one for the "bling factor" but when good companies help a Luby out why not. I also have a new Peacock Groove on the way to build. The frame is something out of the minds of me and Erik Noren...Black Sunshine!!!!! I am hoping to finish that before the ML8 but who knows. All this bike stuff started when a guy came to look at my old ML8, he saw it and liked it....but also was looking for a good dirtbike....I said" well this is for sale" pointing to my '96 XR250 moto, I gave him a pretty good package price and he cut me a check....6 hours later I am looking at a '01 XR400, bigger, faster, Newer....for the same price!!! yep, I have me a big boy bike now. It needs some small stuff like plastics, but man it has some snort!! Between this and my XS750 I have some work to do!!!! the street bike will maybe become a Cafe Racer........well making poarts store runs on my fixie!! don't worry I haven't lost touch with cycling. Check out the below My new XR400 and XS750 (needs alot of work)



The First Person to email me 2 things in the pic above that were made or destroyed during "the Luby In St. Cloud" days will win some cheesy gift