Wednesday, December 03, 2008

First Wed. night ride

Well I just got home, helpig put Layla to bed and then going to head out for my first night ride in awhile. It's 22 deg. and snowing!!!!! I have to bring my phone since I am on call for snow removel (job #2 of the 3 jobs I have) I will post more later IO have to go get ready

Saturday, November 01, 2008

wow a blog!!

yes it's been awhile, Doom this is for you!

The shop has been busy which is good considering winter is coming. I need a ski/ Snowboard machine if any one knows of one for sale. The shop I am connected to (the Fix) through a jump jam, Dirtlabs supplied beverages.
see the video:

The eyeballs played!!

Anyway short blog more to come later, hopefully things will settle down in life.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

old skool

well I just moved into boulder with the fm, it has been super crazy the last few weeks, starting up , wrenching, learning to machine kic ass stuff, move the family. Ali and Layla headed to MN this weekend, so I spent the day in the shop, then ended it with my first skate park sesion i over 2 years!!!!!!!!!!! I was by far the oldest and probebly the only dude with a kid, but I did get props fro the sparks I made on the grind box!!! anweay tomarro is som lift riding at sol vista, a buddy of mine has posted some good vids on his web zine
I fly out to Santa cruz on tues, B rose should call me!! H U R L you owe me some shirts!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

DIRT LAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Spot Brand Bikes Bought Maverick!!!! All the inventory has moved over to the Spot HQ, I will not be making the move, I will be staying in the building where the lot is full of Dirt Jumps, and the building has a DH/DJ/Freeride shop and a Machine shop that is a design Studio and soon to be Suspension Pro Shop!!!!!!
I found out about the sale and the move so I really started thinking, I love where I work!!! so why not stay here. Start up my own Suspension shop. I spoke with the original Owners of Maverick and they are very supportive, this means alot since it is coming from the guy who Started Rock Shox and Maverick, and also the part owner of Maverick who is super Rad machinist. I worked out lease on a small part of the building with him, on one side of me will be "The Fix" Bike shop and on the other side will be Frank and Paul's new gig... a design studio for MTB and Moto products. So I will be doing set-up, overhauls, tuning, upgrades, and some frame linkage upgrades. With having FV and the machine shop so close it really pens up a lot of doors on things to do.

I leave tomorrow to head out to St. George UT for BIKE Magazine's bike week, I will be represent Dirt Lab!!! and have 4 days of killer riding with some amazing people. When I get back it is time to work work work and get the shop up and running.
We are working on website, one of my bros from are helping me with the website which is so lots of stuff to do...stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Layla's First Bike ride

in a trailer, behind a Surly running 42X16!!!

She is to small to fit in the trailer the way kids are supposed to, so I pulled a full on Macgyver and mounted her car seat into the trailer. It even had a roll bar just in case. Alison Followed on her sunflower cruiser as we headed into town.

After we ate lunch in Boulder it was time to head back, on the way back I even hit some DIRT!!.
This was both Alison and I's first time with her on a bike so it ws pretty fun except for the bigger hills we hit running that gearing.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

City of Angels to Moab

well I finally built my 2 Mavericks for the year I will get pics up soon. I have an ML8 which is my Primary bike for everything!!! Then I decided to build up an '07 Durance that has mainly been my commuter/product tester. Riding in at 2 deg. really slows the rebound.
I was in Cali last week visiting a few Mags, all in all the trip was good. I hit up MBA, DECLINE and BIKE
I had a one of bastard bike we built, basically an ML8 with another inch of travel and no paint....we call it the "Naked 8" I was out there to meet the mag guys and check in with them, but I grabbed the naked 8 at the last minute. It should be around keep and eye out, were only making 10!!! The Decline guys were rad, basically 3 dudes my age trying to make a kick ass mag. From there I went to a Video Premiere thing of Earthed 5 that BIKE was throwing to benefit local trails. It was fun cool to see everyone, sounds like bike week this year is a go.
The nest day I headed to Crank Brothers cool place, we did some speedball tech shit. Then Headed to Garage Works....Delecruz has got it Down!!!! A Mechanics Dream... A full Wrench only Bus. I hung out with him and his beer fridge, and some crank wheels. The next day was a ride with Lou at Bike, the trail we rode was super busy but fun, and hour and half climb on flat pedals and a single 36 tooth ring up front burned me out......
My family was here this last weekend it was great to see them and show them Layla, she is getting big, and smart too.
This week I head to Moab on Wed. Hitting a few dealers on the way down, then we have a crew of 20+ riders for a moto weekend in Moab. I am hoping to do a Porc Rim Shuttle ride early thurs before Moto Chaos starts.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Life is getting really busy right now, a good busy
sorry not much new, still working on just trying to find time to build new bikes.
sold my truck, so riding in alot...great fat burner.
not sure what I will get next, but who cares...Bikes Bikes and more bikes