Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Good Times

The first photo is the ride I did Last Sat. On my ML8, it is a quick loop near home. The Second Photo is from the same ride I did on Sun. Same trail, different Bike, this time I did it on My 1X1 Fixed. The trail is fun with both a 6.5 inch travel bike and a fixie..... then spent the rest of both days with the lady......... good weekend
Went into the work week with a smile. Then on tues. Me, Al, Ariel and Abby went for a dirt bike ride at lunch. Really good time, still getting used to the moto.
tomorrow is turkey day. I will be going for a moto ride in the morning than stuffing my face in the afternoon. Then going for a Mountain bike ride Fri. Morn, then a big 50= mile moto ride on Sat.

Cheers and happy fucking eat a bird day

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Great Day

Well lately, I have been feeling a little bummed out. Things haven't been going the way I have been hoping. But today I went out for lunch with someone who I have a great respect for, and they gave me some great compliments and great advice for the future. Basically what it came down to, is I should stay strong with what I want to do, because I am good at it (so this person said).
This meant a lot considering that I was thinking about giving up on what I have been working so hard at. I am glad that some one recognized the mentallity and ethic I have for certain things(thanks Mom and Dad). It also came from someone in which I see has the same ideals....NO B.S. .............
so it was a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you think some one is doing a good job and can go somewhere with it.....let them know.....something so little can go a long ways


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A new Bike!!!!!!!!!!

Yep I sold the thugsly.......and a few other Bike parts and bought this

I went out for my first real off-road ride on Sat. My co-worker took me to one of the more difficult trails to ride. But it was fun, I only went down twice. Dirt-biking is a little bit more of a work out than I thoughtit would be, but then again tossing around a 250 lb bike should be a work out.

Don't worry I didn't retire from riding, I just needed a break here and there, so I am going to spend it on 2 wheels. (plus I filled the tank for $3) other news, Project ML mayham has come to a stand still with chain issues....stay tuned!!!

and most of all Stay RAD!!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Mav. Parkinglot
Artist.... or guy in th way
No cranks..or singleator...but close to done!!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I started a flickr +more news

Yep.... I am getting even geekier, I started a flickr photo account, open to whoever. I just picked up a new cam that can do some rad shit, so I figured I would share it here, and on flickr. I just loaded a bunch of pics I had on my H-drive.
In other news I am going to go watch B.I.L. race cross on sun, and hopfully meet up with fey. Not sure if I will ride or not( I can only pedal standing up) I still have a "charlie horse" on my femur from the Dirt Jump fuck up.
On Sat. I am showing the Pug. hopefully I can sell that, I may take hit on it but I could use the $. Then hopefuly I can start building the raddest Mav. Single speed full sus. Sat. night.
Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

flickr link:

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lunch "BREAK" Vol. 2

went in early to work to ride our pump track, hit the jumps a little, then worked until lunch. Went out to rid e the pump track, thought I would hit the rythm section on the way to the pump track.....ate it hard, shattered smiths, broken helmet, and damage to the body and head again!!!!
The Swelling above the eye makes me look like a vampire