Monday, December 26, 2005

The December Blur

Holy shit this last month has flew buy, started with ski bike, then camping, then boos and a Girl.

we had our first ski bike get together, the course was pretty knarly, my ski bike ran well, everyone brought more than enough beverages. Which meant....We drank them

So after ski bike we all headed to ye ole chatter box and were fed well, and left with a glowing charm only the Chitchat ale could give.
I have found a new beer!!!!

I also went camping last wed. night, Me, BraurPower,Ziegle, and Adam. We left with the bikes ready for a night we rode over to snelling and found that the trails were not at all readable, so we took the streets over to the river bottoms rode a ways on them and set up camp, it was fucking Rad, we made a fire, I made soup(I'm a cheap bastard) while the other guys had Hobo meals, shit Braurer even had steak in his, after a long night of standing by the fire drinking Cold Jameson and a PBR. we turned in around 4 am, I woke up to a fucking beautiful 30+ deg. Sunny morning me and Ziegle packed up quick and rode to work.... Late

Sunday, December 11, 2005


anybody remember Slaughter.............

"up all night-sleep all day"


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sometimes it's Good to be Luby

well I just got home from a Bitchin night, it was actually very mellow, I got home from work, cleaned up then rode the thug over to my friend Ranelle's place, where she made an amazing Peanut Chicken something dinner(it was very, very good). Then on the way home it was so peaceful, it was just me, my ipod(background music from the Dead kennedys) and my bike. I enjoyed the peace with riding wheelies, and skidding around corners.
On another note, ski bike building will begin this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!
"Roll Call"
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Sunday, December 04, 2005

ahhhh Sunday Morning

well sunday morning, coffee is made, the cob webs in my head are still getting cleaned. This week was a rather big week for me, I commuted on the thugsley 5-days in a row(except for the ride home on friday) it was the most I rode in along time, all I can say is I love the bike. Yesterday was a great time, I drove my heap to the saints of Clouds, did a 3- hr ride with DOOM and friends, I was worked. They built a trail system, which is amazing. When I got home I laid around, then got ready to go to One on One, for the Gallery opening. It was amazing to see the photos, and how close Caroline Yang was to all the action in the Tour De Fance. There was wine up front for the artsy folks, and a Keg and Jamison in the Back.....It was a nice ride over there(not on the 1X1). why not on the 1x1? Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Normal sized Man hits Midget Dog, on a Thugsley"


This is the thing that the rat dog got rolled over with Posted by Picasa

yes it is true I hit a dog, it came out of no where, with the sleet and snow blowing in my eyes I had no choice but to roll over it.
to lazy to write so here is the story from grayboy:
The snow was starting to come down steadily as Luby and I mounted our Pugs and headed toward the park on our ride home from the QBP compound (also, Surly headquarters). Luby was riding his 32/17 single; I was on my geared rig. He ran 20psi in his Endomorphs; I had about 28psi in mine. We settled into a good pace and pointed toward SE Minneapolis.

All was going well…auto traffic was pretty light, the meek majority was hiding from winter inside their houses, and traction was good despite the icy/snowy condition of the road. Then, as we turned left off of 84th to duck into a little neighborhood, a miniature Doberman ran right at Luby, smacked into his wheel, flipped over onto its back, and was run over by the back tire of Luby’s Pugsley. Holy shit. I expected that little rat dog to be dead or maimed or, at least, impeded in some way, shape, or form. Nope. It leapt up to its feet, dashed out into 84th street traffic, and ran out of sight. That mini doggy is damned lucky that he encountered a big, squishy tire rather than a high-pressure skinny pumped up to its max rating. Luby, staying upright through the whole incident, probably came out of it better as a result of his vehicle and tire choice, too.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

this morning I woke up....

found outit is 16 deg. and only have 1 cup of coffee left, wow I sure feel friendly

Sunday, November 27, 2005

holy shit....I'm back

wow it has been a long time but I am back now and will give all the people what they want to hear.......

Monday, April 18, 2005

new place, new life

Just moved to the big city, well not really been here for a few months. any way I am loving it, always something to do....ride, drink, music... anyway more to come. it has been awhile so may more, just so I can start remember shit that i would right about