Saturday, May 13, 2006


I woke up this morning to the chill of it being 36 outside, and I didn't want to get out of bed. But I had to, the reason being is it was the Day for the Teddy 10.

What: Teddy 10 (10 laps)
Where: Theo wirth Trails
When: 9 am sharp
Why: This event will be the first in a 3-part series.
One must Complete 2 of the 3 events to get a Limited edition "Gluttons of Dirt"patch

I left the house around 8:15 to ride over to the trails. It is only 7.5 miles to the trail head, but I was on my 1X1 and still trying to wake up. My body was feeling tired (probably from this) , and I wasn't even sure if this non-sanctioned, non-event was still going to happen due to the weather (wet and cold). I eventually made it to the trail head and met up with "Kid" and Chefdog. We were the only riders to show. Well we had 3, that's all we need. We started riding together then we slowly split up. The trail conditions were pretty slick, not to the point to where we were destroying the trails, but to the point at which you had to Moto the corners, and ride with caution. I hit the play button on the Ipod at about lap 4. Motorhead was first to start playing, I thought to myself "this is Knarly, I could go all day with good tunes"........The Ipod died in the middle of Lap 5.
Anyway all 3 of us did it in a decent time, altogether it was about 23 miles. It doesn't sound like much but when it is wet and cold, and muddy, it can take a lot out of a Luby.
I am proud to say that I rode to and from the non-event.
All in all, for a crappy day, I was able to do some great riding, with good company for part of it.

This is what my bike looked like when I got home:

Thursday, May 11, 2006

THE Mo-Rawk & Wed. Nite Ride

Did the Wed. nite ride last nite, didn't get home till 2 in the A.M. We rode over to Fort Snelling from lake Harriat and hit numorous allys on the way, once at Snelling we rode some trails along the river. Most of the trail was under water which in turn forced us to bushwack up uber steep, crazy slick hill sides. It was quite the adventure, that ended with us hiking Behind Minniahaha falls.

The Bike

The Man with the Mo-Rawk

The Route

(yep, I stached a GPS in the messenger bag)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

3 and 3

You may ask yourself, whatever does "3 and 3" mean. Well for starters I needed something for a title, second of all read on to find out why.
I have been riding pretty hard the last 3 days straight, mainly into work and back. Nothing to big but I am really feeling it. I slacked off for the last few weeks on the whole riding into work thing, so this week I forced myself to do it. It has been super busy at work , which in turn has been draining and making it difficult to want to ride. But the rides into work have been so amazing, it gives me time to relax and think about all kinds stuff like finacial issues, world politics, career politics, elephants, swimming pools,etc. It really helps me get relaxed before I get to work. Also I am working on shedding my gut, yep I have a gut. Some of you may not have noticed, that's only because I have been wearing baggy clothes. So I have been riding harder and faster than I normally do, and also tonight I rode home from work, then went and hit up some single track(a couple of laps at Lebonon). So tonight I am going to eat a whole frozen Pizza and chill like it's thanksgiving!!!

Now for the other 3
It has been just a little over 3 months of sobriety for me. It is something I am very proud of myself for doing. It has been so far one of the toughest things I have done for myself ever. It has been really tough to "stick with it" at times, but it has also been very easy at times too. So far my Life has seemed to get much simpler and I am enjoying being sober. The main reason I am bringing this up (and for the lame title) is to thank 2 very imortant people who have really been a big part of me doing this. One is a very special Lady, and the other is a very good friend and Mentor who has some weird respect for Goats. So This Blog is also a "thank-you " blog, and is dedicated to these 2 rad people. Thank you so much for all the help you have given me.

also I am not trying to preach the "no-drinking" thing, it is something I am doing for myself. In fact I think those of you out there who still drink should have a drink or three for Me.