Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lunch Break

I went dirt jumping on my lunch break........

good luck to my little sister on her knee Surgery!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

More Photos

Photo Blog

Here are some Photo's of the last couple of Months. Some are of Camping on a few different weekends, some are of 24 Hours of Moab.
Speaking of Moab, here's how it went... We Showed up later friday night and got a hotel room Got up early went to race and set up, it rained the whole time and was very cold. The officials Stopped the race at 8PM because thetrail was flooded and fear of hypothermia. Ethan and I tried to help as many people as possible with tech issues, but just not enough Brake pads, one lady trying to win it solo on our bike said she had tech support, her tech support came to us for help. We fixed her bike, it made me feel good. I also worked on a certain Magazine Editors Fork, that was kinda nerve racking, but the guy is cool and a Dirt Bag (hint). My Lady Was with all in all a success but no riding this time!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

It's early!!!

Well It's just after 6 AM and I am almost ready to go ride, just sipping on some java. I have to do some test riding of product, so me and E figured it would be better to go early to avoid the mud (should be frozen). More updates soon with pics......now time to go to work and get my bike and some espressoo.

Those of you with blogs....use them!!!!!!

Where's The Race B.I.L

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Moab Again!!!!!!!

Well I head out to Moab tomarrow. the second time in 3 weeks. i am not sure if I am excited or not for it. I am driving our Van out there full of Demo bikes and am going to run some Demos at the 24 hours of Moab race. Hopefully I can sneak out of there early on sunday and sneak a ride in. Ethan ( Head Mav. Tech) and his Wife are going they both are going to race/ride it Solo. My Lady is also going, which should be fun. She is going to hang out with me at the tents. Maybe I can talk her into shuttleing me to the top of the trail I did a couple weeks ago (see post below). I am going there for work, but it should be fun. I spentthe whole day tuning and washing Demo bikes, can't argue with wrenching. PT showed up and we may put into production some all Black parts I had made up for my personal bike. All Black seems to be in style now.....although I have always tried to keep MY bikes Black (like my hair)
well hopefully I will post more and get some photos up when I get Back....

B.I.L. and Simple Cyclest contact me!!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Road trippin

SHort and Sweet update:

Vegas Inter-Bike show was last week. We drove our big rig out to the show, Ariel and I were able to sneak a short ride in Fruita on the way out there. Then we did a good group ride with all the riders from My work, PT even was there. Then we headed into Vegas, did the whole show thing, It was awsome seeing everyone I haven't seen in a while. Then headed Home hit Moab on the way home, and there was a Turner Bike get together, luckily we were with there pro racer, who scored us some seats on a shuttle going to a trail above Porcupine Rim, and then Hooks up with Porcupine. Goup of about 35 riders. all in all it was pretty Rad. (especially for being in Moab for all of 16 hrs. total) here are a few photos:

GET WELL SOON BRYAN O' BRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!