Thursday, December 21, 2006


I was supposed to leave for MN today, but they closed down the HWY.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


A Motorcycle ride from a few weeks ago
Michael Michael Motorcycle
ML Mayham.......................
I was going to make aanother headbadge, but the name on this one is pretty rad

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Good Times

The first photo is the ride I did Last Sat. On my ML8, it is a quick loop near home. The Second Photo is from the same ride I did on Sun. Same trail, different Bike, this time I did it on My 1X1 Fixed. The trail is fun with both a 6.5 inch travel bike and a fixie..... then spent the rest of both days with the lady......... good weekend
Went into the work week with a smile. Then on tues. Me, Al, Ariel and Abby went for a dirt bike ride at lunch. Really good time, still getting used to the moto.
tomorrow is turkey day. I will be going for a moto ride in the morning than stuffing my face in the afternoon. Then going for a Mountain bike ride Fri. Morn, then a big 50= mile moto ride on Sat.

Cheers and happy fucking eat a bird day

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Great Day

Well lately, I have been feeling a little bummed out. Things haven't been going the way I have been hoping. But today I went out for lunch with someone who I have a great respect for, and they gave me some great compliments and great advice for the future. Basically what it came down to, is I should stay strong with what I want to do, because I am good at it (so this person said).
This meant a lot considering that I was thinking about giving up on what I have been working so hard at. I am glad that some one recognized the mentallity and ethic I have for certain things(thanks Mom and Dad). It also came from someone in which I see has the same ideals....NO B.S. .............
so it was a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you think some one is doing a good job and can go somewhere with it.....let them know.....something so little can go a long ways


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A new Bike!!!!!!!!!!

Yep I sold the thugsly.......and a few other Bike parts and bought this

I went out for my first real off-road ride on Sat. My co-worker took me to one of the more difficult trails to ride. But it was fun, I only went down twice. Dirt-biking is a little bit more of a work out than I thoughtit would be, but then again tossing around a 250 lb bike should be a work out.

Don't worry I didn't retire from riding, I just needed a break here and there, so I am going to spend it on 2 wheels. (plus I filled the tank for $3) other news, Project ML mayham has come to a stand still with chain issues....stay tuned!!!

and most of all Stay RAD!!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Mav. Parkinglot
Artist.... or guy in th way
No cranks..or singleator...but close to done!!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I started a flickr +more news

Yep.... I am getting even geekier, I started a flickr photo account, open to whoever. I just picked up a new cam that can do some rad shit, so I figured I would share it here, and on flickr. I just loaded a bunch of pics I had on my H-drive.
In other news I am going to go watch B.I.L. race cross on sun, and hopfully meet up with fey. Not sure if I will ride or not( I can only pedal standing up) I still have a "charlie horse" on my femur from the Dirt Jump fuck up.
On Sat. I am showing the Pug. hopefully I can sell that, I may take hit on it but I could use the $. Then hopefuly I can start building the raddest Mav. Single speed full sus. Sat. night.
Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

flickr link:

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lunch "BREAK" Vol. 2

went in early to work to ride our pump track, hit the jumps a little, then worked until lunch. Went out to rid e the pump track, thought I would hit the rythm section on the way to the pump track.....ate it hard, shattered smiths, broken helmet, and damage to the body and head again!!!!
The Swelling above the eye makes me look like a vampire

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lunch Break

I went dirt jumping on my lunch break........

good luck to my little sister on her knee Surgery!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

More Photos

Photo Blog

Here are some Photo's of the last couple of Months. Some are of Camping on a few different weekends, some are of 24 Hours of Moab.
Speaking of Moab, here's how it went... We Showed up later friday night and got a hotel room Got up early went to race and set up, it rained the whole time and was very cold. The officials Stopped the race at 8PM because thetrail was flooded and fear of hypothermia. Ethan and I tried to help as many people as possible with tech issues, but just not enough Brake pads, one lady trying to win it solo on our bike said she had tech support, her tech support came to us for help. We fixed her bike, it made me feel good. I also worked on a certain Magazine Editors Fork, that was kinda nerve racking, but the guy is cool and a Dirt Bag (hint). My Lady Was with all in all a success but no riding this time!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

It's early!!!

Well It's just after 6 AM and I am almost ready to go ride, just sipping on some java. I have to do some test riding of product, so me and E figured it would be better to go early to avoid the mud (should be frozen). More updates soon with time to go to work and get my bike and some espressoo.

Those of you with blogs....use them!!!!!!

Where's The Race B.I.L

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Moab Again!!!!!!!

Well I head out to Moab tomarrow. the second time in 3 weeks. i am not sure if I am excited or not for it. I am driving our Van out there full of Demo bikes and am going to run some Demos at the 24 hours of Moab race. Hopefully I can sneak out of there early on sunday and sneak a ride in. Ethan ( Head Mav. Tech) and his Wife are going they both are going to race/ride it Solo. My Lady is also going, which should be fun. She is going to hang out with me at the tents. Maybe I can talk her into shuttleing me to the top of the trail I did a couple weeks ago (see post below). I am going there for work, but it should be fun. I spentthe whole day tuning and washing Demo bikes, can't argue with wrenching. PT showed up and we may put into production some all Black parts I had made up for my personal bike. All Black seems to be in style now.....although I have always tried to keep MY bikes Black (like my hair)
well hopefully I will post more and get some photos up when I get Back....

B.I.L. and Simple Cyclest contact me!!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Road trippin

SHort and Sweet update:

Vegas Inter-Bike show was last week. We drove our big rig out to the show, Ariel and I were able to sneak a short ride in Fruita on the way out there. Then we did a good group ride with all the riders from My work, PT even was there. Then we headed into Vegas, did the whole show thing, It was awsome seeing everyone I haven't seen in a while. Then headed Home hit Moab on the way home, and there was a Turner Bike get together, luckily we were with there pro racer, who scored us some seats on a shuttle going to a trail above Porcupine Rim, and then Hooks up with Porcupine. Goup of about 35 riders. all in all it was pretty Rad. (especially for being in Moab for all of 16 hrs. total) here are a few photos:

GET WELL SOON BRYAN O' BRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

A New Smell Phone

I have a new cell phone#
it is
Learn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and if your a solictor......I hope you get the flu!!!!(I hope you die, just sounds a little to strong)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A thought..... for those wanting to get me something

If I had a puppy , it would be RAD...........literally it would be named Rad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Organizing sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Late Night ramblings

Well I can't sleep, and haven't been sleeping to well....a lot of change going on. I still feel so unfamiliar with Boulder, some days I love, other days I hate it. I think I am starting to miss MNPLS, but when I was there I was missing riding in the mountains......"The Grass is always greener" (quote FromDoom)oh well only time will tell.
Anyway I still haven't unpacked all my bike/shop/ parts inventory yet. I have a Croscheck frame sitting in the boxing just screaming to get out and ride some cross. I pulled most of the parts out of the boxes tonight and will hopefully be able to build it tomorrow. Single with moustache bars!!!!!!!!!
I finally put a chain back on my fixie, and rode it into work today. On the ride in I cranked the pocket jukebox (old school Metallica "ride the Lightning" ) and felt great so I rode hard. I passed a guy in full team gear on a Serotta....
I said "good morning"
He said " (nothing, but looked at me and then turned away)"
I said " well, fine then have a bad day" (with my charming smile on my face"
Then I took off....fucking snobby roadie...To good to say hi to Luby....

I caught up to another dude on a road bike in full Lycra...
"Good Morning" I said
"Morning, how's it going" he said
"Rad" I said
"cool" he said
" Have a good Day" I said
roadie # 2 was a nice guy....I won't derby him next time
speaking of derbies I through a Wed. Night ride last week... A little different then what I am used to but fun. W ederbied a lot, and I even ate a pickled egg at a Bar

As for the Job goes.... Still getting a feel for it. I feel like I am gambling with it. I could go no where with it... or The company could really take off and I will have my feet in the door when it happens. With it being a smaller Bike Company, I am busting my ass, and will hopefully see a reward......The Owner of the Company is kind of a legend, for starting up one of the biggest suspension comanies out there. He has been hanging around the shop lately and I have been able to talk to him more, he's pretty rad, likes to ride and design stuff, but hates being the spot light...I dig that
Any way this has to be one of my longest blogs...I should try to sleep, I have to rebuild the suspension on my bike for a ride tomorrow and an all day ride on Sun.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Short update

My tree Hugger work stand.......for fixing all the Pinch Flats i have been getting

A ride I did .........

We started that day out with some trail work with the local MTB Club then Ariel and Abby and I rode home.....from 10,000 feet

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back online!!!!

Well I am moved in and now have the inter-web of destruction hooked up.
I am about to head to work so I will post more later.
But I would like to thank Colleen and Greg for letting me stay at there house for a month until I was able to move into my own place. I would also like to thank my Parents for hauling my junk out here and helping me move. Thanks y'all it's been a tremendous help!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Chuck Taylors and Platforms

I rode this trail yesterday on an ML8 from work, I loved the trail, it started out all singltrack (mainly uphill, but not steep) then turned into an off road trail for the last half. All in all it was about a 3HR/17 mile ride. Considering the ride started in the rain, the rocks were very slick so I bounced around a lot. I loved the way the ML8 climbed for a 6 inch travel bike. I liked the trail so much I wanted to do it again on my 1X1. So I Custom tuned a SC32 Maverick to lower the ride height and travel to accommodate my Surly 1X1, and ate a burrito from Illegal Pete's while wrenching on the fork. I took it out this morning on the same trail and did it in less time than I did on the ML8!!! But conditions were dry today, and I didn't have to look at the map at all. The only thing that delayed my ride today, was the dudes that stopped at the trail head and asked me for directions, which upon small talk they found out I had experience in the Disc Brake world, then one guy went on to ask me to do some adjustments on his bike right then and there!!!!!!!!! I helped him out then finally hasd to say I have to get going. I went to put my bike shoes on and realized I forgot them!!!!!!!!! So I swapped pedals to platforms and took off with my Chuck Taylors on! I had such a blast riding old school, I am half tempted to do it full time. Anyway blah blah blah the ride was fucking rad.
On another note Roadies out here are rich ass-holes that don't like to say hi to the singlspeeder going by the opposite way, I said hi, got a dirty look, so I then proceeded to extend my middle finger.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A little of this, a little of that

Here are a few photos:
The Puncture

The View

The Bike

Things are starting to feel more comfortable out here. I have been trying to ride as much as possible. The Elevation is still kicking my Ass!!!! But hopefully soon I will be up to speed that is...

I was hoping to have more photos but I don't so sit tight YO!!!
Last night I went for a night Ride with Andy our Intern Engeneer and Ariel Our Pro Racer. None of us had lights and figured the full moon would be fine, we left The Maverick HQ around 9:30 rode some ally's and shortcuts through/around Boulder. We ended up on some Trail Ariel Wanted to ride, but the Moon was blocked by some massive cloud cover, so he suggested we just go jump around Campus. We headed towards campus, started to find the typical Urban stuff rode it, had a good time got home late. I was pretty Sore today, I was riding My kona last night, I weighed it today and it was 37.5 Pounds......hence I am sore from throwing that thing around trying to keep up with Ariel and his ML8 (Same amount of travel & 10 lbs lighter)
My Lady will be out here in about a week, that will be nice. I thinks she's Hot

Monday, July 31, 2006

End of week 1

I survived a week out here in hippie land, and still have a job
Work is going good
I went up to Winter Park on Sunday with a guy from work and some other dude.
It was my first time riding a real ski Resort. All in all it was Rad, the altitude was a pain. We rode the lift up and did the downhill the whole day. It was a blast. I finally made use of my Kona. I had a few mechanicals, but nothing to big. The biggest casualty was my fork, which spit oil all over my bike after I over shot a landing. But Luckily I work in the suspension business and will soon be testing a fork for a certain company. I had a lot of fun and I think I will be going again soon.
Other than that not much going on with me out here. I am living with very little of my personal stuff and still somewhat homeless, but soon that will change once my lady friend moves out here.
Once I get settled I will write more posts that will be more exciting, like Aliens trying to take over Boulder, or me killing a grizzly Bear while eating and Buffalo Burger, or clash of the Hippies, and maybe even a love story.............Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I am now living in CO

I made it, the drive went pretty good. I have been riding out here the last 2 days, the elevation is kicking my ass and the sun is coloring me RED. So far I have done a couple of rides at Walker Ranch, the view is awesome, fast downhill and long climbs( on my 40 lb. KONA) I even did some mountain Uni at one trail. Other than that haven't done to much yet...More to come later
I star my new Job tomorrow

also for those of you who read this and have a blog...send me a link to your blog, I am not around my personal PC, and I had all of yours bookmarked....let me know what 's up YO!!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm gone

yep that's right,
my car is packed my apt. is empty, I leave to go live in Colorado tomorrow 6:27 AM sharp

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I'm Moving!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep that's right.
I am heading to Bolder Colorado. Alison and I decided a little while ago, that we would like to move out there. So I found a Job at Maverick and am hoping to Start on July 24th. Luckily I have some family out there who are uber rad and willing to let me stay with them until Alison comes out and we find a place.
So I will be initially heading out here with minimal stuff (4 bikes and a car load of clothes.

In other news.....See page 88 of this months "Dirt Rag" Magazine

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This SuckS


The shop where it all began for me is now closed......I wish the best for all the employees who worked there.
......ya know what, I'm pissed off about it too. I know a lot of people put a lot of time and effort into that place, and deserve better than what SomeONE gave them.
well time to let that go.
There are many great memories from that joint.
STAY RAD Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 12, 2006

Miss me

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I have been very busy with work and figuring out the Move to Colorado, originally I was shooting for October, but hopefully if all goes good I will be moving out earlier.
Any way I just rode my UNI around the block.........Man I am out of uni-shape

bye bye

Saturday, May 13, 2006


I woke up this morning to the chill of it being 36 outside, and I didn't want to get out of bed. But I had to, the reason being is it was the Day for the Teddy 10.

What: Teddy 10 (10 laps)
Where: Theo wirth Trails
When: 9 am sharp
Why: This event will be the first in a 3-part series.
One must Complete 2 of the 3 events to get a Limited edition "Gluttons of Dirt"patch

I left the house around 8:15 to ride over to the trails. It is only 7.5 miles to the trail head, but I was on my 1X1 and still trying to wake up. My body was feeling tired (probably from this) , and I wasn't even sure if this non-sanctioned, non-event was still going to happen due to the weather (wet and cold). I eventually made it to the trail head and met up with "Kid" and Chefdog. We were the only riders to show. Well we had 3, that's all we need. We started riding together then we slowly split up. The trail conditions were pretty slick, not to the point to where we were destroying the trails, but to the point at which you had to Moto the corners, and ride with caution. I hit the play button on the Ipod at about lap 4. Motorhead was first to start playing, I thought to myself "this is Knarly, I could go all day with good tunes"........The Ipod died in the middle of Lap 5.
Anyway all 3 of us did it in a decent time, altogether it was about 23 miles. It doesn't sound like much but when it is wet and cold, and muddy, it can take a lot out of a Luby.
I am proud to say that I rode to and from the non-event.
All in all, for a crappy day, I was able to do some great riding, with good company for part of it.

This is what my bike looked like when I got home:

Thursday, May 11, 2006

THE Mo-Rawk & Wed. Nite Ride

Did the Wed. nite ride last nite, didn't get home till 2 in the A.M. We rode over to Fort Snelling from lake Harriat and hit numorous allys on the way, once at Snelling we rode some trails along the river. Most of the trail was under water which in turn forced us to bushwack up uber steep, crazy slick hill sides. It was quite the adventure, that ended with us hiking Behind Minniahaha falls.

The Bike

The Man with the Mo-Rawk

The Route

(yep, I stached a GPS in the messenger bag)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

3 and 3

You may ask yourself, whatever does "3 and 3" mean. Well for starters I needed something for a title, second of all read on to find out why.
I have been riding pretty hard the last 3 days straight, mainly into work and back. Nothing to big but I am really feeling it. I slacked off for the last few weeks on the whole riding into work thing, so this week I forced myself to do it. It has been super busy at work , which in turn has been draining and making it difficult to want to ride. But the rides into work have been so amazing, it gives me time to relax and think about all kinds stuff like finacial issues, world politics, career politics, elephants, swimming pools,etc. It really helps me get relaxed before I get to work. Also I am working on shedding my gut, yep I have a gut. Some of you may not have noticed, that's only because I have been wearing baggy clothes. So I have been riding harder and faster than I normally do, and also tonight I rode home from work, then went and hit up some single track(a couple of laps at Lebonon). So tonight I am going to eat a whole frozen Pizza and chill like it's thanksgiving!!!

Now for the other 3
It has been just a little over 3 months of sobriety for me. It is something I am very proud of myself for doing. It has been so far one of the toughest things I have done for myself ever. It has been really tough to "stick with it" at times, but it has also been very easy at times too. So far my Life has seemed to get much simpler and I am enjoying being sober. The main reason I am bringing this up (and for the lame title) is to thank 2 very imortant people who have really been a big part of me doing this. One is a very special Lady, and the other is a very good friend and Mentor who has some weird respect for Goats. So This Blog is also a "thank-you " blog, and is dedicated to these 2 rad people. Thank you so much for all the help you have given me.

also I am not trying to preach the "no-drinking" thing, it is something I am doing for myself. In fact I think those of you out there who still drink should have a drink or three for Me.


Monday, April 24, 2006


Sorry for the Lame title but really wasn't in the mood to think of anything clever. Well I have been trying to ride more and more, but it gets hard to find time sometimes. I am trying to spend time with the lady, work a part time job on top of my full time job, and try to catch up on some long over due rest. With the weather being nice and all it is hard to find time to right on the ole blog, so I apologise for that.
Anyway, I just was notified that I will be doing some Part time work for Salsa Cycles . I think it should be fun.
I rode Lebonon hills tonight after work on my KONA, it was amazing. The bike rode very well with the new rear shock. I am going to try to ride that bike a little bit more, but who knows.
Enough of the mindless ramblings (even though that it what thi s Blog is all about)....Here are some Photos of me getting Rad...........

All photos Taken By: Alison from Luby's Lady's studios

Sunday, April 09, 2006

ahhh Spring

I love this weather, it makes me a much happier person. I am uber excited to get on some singletrack and ride. I have been slowly getting my bikes ready for the season. On friday night I went out with my lady, and when I got home I couldn't sleep, so instead I set up my 5th Element Rear shock....till 2:30 in the AM in my Dirty Shop!

I woke up around 8 on Sat. against my will, the reason for the unwilling wake-up....WORK!!! Yep I picked up a part time job wrenching at Freewheel Bike. I rode there, showed up and saw that BG was there to work also. Damnit!! I didn't need to go in, so mounted on my ghetto cruiser and went home. I decided since I had the day off I would go dirt jumping. A few others and I met up and some Dirt Jumps in North MNPLS. They were actually in good condition. After a while of riding the rythm section, we decided we wanted to make a burm ( a 5-6ft tall one at that). So we got a diggin, and found this huge piece of concrete( about 12in thick and 6 ft long) right in our way. So our dreams of the burm were crushed.

After riding the jumps, I was super tired. Mainly because I'm out of shape. So I laid around the rest of the day and then headed to the skatepark. I showed up and there was only 2 other people there. It was nice in away, but it just seemed to be lacking energy. After a little while Dustin and a few others Showed up and brought the energy back up. All in all a good time but I hurt this morning.

So there you go ....a little bit of an update for the blog, nothing to exciting.


Friday, March 31, 2006


I was getting Rad at a BMX track a couple of weeks ago.....I bit it hard right away and walked away with a black eye, possible slight concussion, bruised shoulder, and also a bruised Ego