Thursday, July 26, 2007


Well Downville was awsome, I think I only want to do one race a year and it would be the all mountian Downieville.

Me and Mike west showed up grabbed some bikes and caught a shuttle up to the start of the DH course and road it with a few of the other Maverick Crew. The Downhill was fucking Rad, it was much better riding it on a 6 in. travel bike, than on my single speed. It was great to be in Downieville again, first time I was there was for single speed worlds, that was a blast and a whole nother story. Anyway I set up our tent on the Main street and found out the product we needed for our tent didn't show up, so there I was, a tent with nothing but a demo bike in it. I looked over and saw the Beer sponsers setting up with out a tent, a light bulb turned on over my head, And I asked them if they wanted to share my tent. Well the Maverick booth turned into the maverick beer tent. It was fun a couple photos below, the river Jump was pretty wild, I was able to spend some time at the bar Sat. night with Blind Bobby, that guy is so fricking cool, racing while legally blind (if you want to know more, you have the net search him)


Thursday, July 12, 2007


Wow alomost a month with out posting?? Sorry but it's been crazy, work has been ,well work. And it is getting close to the baby time, I had to move my bikes out of the bike room, and into the garage. that is when it really hit, but I am getting excited. In other Baby news, I had heard some bad news that some very close friends of Alison and I lost there baby, Best wishes to them, it is very hard to hear. And also (end with a happier note) Congrats To speedbuggy and his lady on there little girl. Cheers dude!!

I head out to Downieville tomarrow for the D-ville classic, I am not riding it but working, but I booked an early flight so Hopefully I can go for a ride once I get there....Haven't been there since SSWC and I was on a 1X1 with an 80mm fork, and now I will be on a full squish with a 150mm f & R if I get a ride in.

Anyway I will try to post more once I get back, hopefully things settle down and I am not so fucking tweaky stressed