Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back online!!!!

Well I am moved in and now have the inter-web of destruction hooked up.
I am about to head to work so I will post more later.
But I would like to thank Colleen and Greg for letting me stay at there house for a month until I was able to move into my own place. I would also like to thank my Parents for hauling my junk out here and helping me move. Thanks y'all it's been a tremendous help!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Chuck Taylors and Platforms

I rode this trail yesterday on an ML8 from work, I loved the trail, it started out all singltrack (mainly uphill, but not steep) then turned into an off road trail for the last half. All in all it was about a 3HR/17 mile ride. Considering the ride started in the rain, the rocks were very slick so I bounced around a lot. I loved the way the ML8 climbed for a 6 inch travel bike. I liked the trail so much I wanted to do it again on my 1X1. So I Custom tuned a SC32 Maverick to lower the ride height and travel to accommodate my Surly 1X1, and ate a burrito from Illegal Pete's while wrenching on the fork. I took it out this morning on the same trail and did it in less time than I did on the ML8!!! But conditions were dry today, and I didn't have to look at the map at all. The only thing that delayed my ride today, was the dudes that stopped at the trail head and asked me for directions, which upon small talk they found out I had experience in the Disc Brake world, then one guy went on to ask me to do some adjustments on his bike right then and there!!!!!!!!! I helped him out then finally hasd to say I have to get going. I went to put my bike shoes on and realized I forgot them!!!!!!!!! So I swapped pedals to platforms and took off with my Chuck Taylors on! I had such a blast riding old school, I am half tempted to do it full time. Anyway blah blah blah the ride was fucking rad.
On another note Roadies out here are rich ass-holes that don't like to say hi to the singlspeeder going by the opposite way, I said hi, got a dirty look, so I then proceeded to extend my middle finger.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A little of this, a little of that

Here are a few photos:
The Puncture

The View

The Bike

Things are starting to feel more comfortable out here. I have been trying to ride as much as possible. The Elevation is still kicking my Ass!!!! But hopefully soon I will be up to speed that is...

I was hoping to have more photos but I don't so sit tight YO!!!
Last night I went for a night Ride with Andy our Intern Engeneer and Ariel Our Pro Racer. None of us had lights and figured the full moon would be fine, we left The Maverick HQ around 9:30 rode some ally's and shortcuts through/around Boulder. We ended up on some Trail Ariel Wanted to ride, but the Moon was blocked by some massive cloud cover, so he suggested we just go jump around Campus. We headed towards campus, started to find the typical Urban stuff rode it, had a good time got home late. I was pretty Sore today, I was riding My kona last night, I weighed it today and it was 37.5 Pounds......hence I am sore from throwing that thing around trying to keep up with Ariel and his ML8 (Same amount of travel & 10 lbs lighter)
My Lady will be out here in about a week, that will be nice. I thinks she's Hot