Wednesday, January 06, 2010


So...... I Was checking out everyones blog and they all did the whole "What they hope to do this year" thing. So I thought I would hop on the band wagon, plus posting it here gives me something to look back on (thanks Doom) so here it goes:
Goals for 2010
-Continue trying to be the best Dad and Husband I can.
-Try to get the shop and online store to where I want it to be.
-Ride mtb at least once week
-Ride moto more!
-Do a couple of motocross enduro races-
-Moab at least once!!! ( I was going 4-5 times a 2 years ago)
-Finish and ride the chopper through the summer
-ride bike more instead of drive
-Eat Better, exercise more, but that goes with a few other goals listed above.
-Camp more with both family and friends
-Work on the welding skills
-Continue to try to get the wed, night rides going out here.
-Blog more! and with better action packed entertainment!!!

So speaking of blogging, I did start up one for moto stuff, some stuff I will cross post, but other will be boring to some people so I will keep it on the other blog. FUBAR!!!!

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